Sequoia is a venture capital firm, which has work based on its focus on enterprise and startups. Founded way way back in 1972 by Don Valentine, Sequoia Capital has made over 1,200 investments and raised $15.3B across 22 funds. Very impressive indeed.

I like how the deck lends a helping hand to startups who are trying to put together their first pitch deck. They go over the essential slides such as company purpose, product, business model, team, and financials. Simple and easy to understand for the audience.

By putting together this deck, Sequoia Capital does in fact get something back from it. By putting out this deck template, companies look at the deck and will look at Sequoia Capital as an expert and a company that knows what they are doing. In turn, later when the startups gain traction and get revenue flowing, they will seek the advice and services of Sequoia Capital. Well done!