Starting a business is not easy. As a founder, your sole focus should be building your product and growing your user base. Most often this takes capital and fundraising can be difficult and overwhelming.

Fundraising always starts with a pitch. That's why we created slides -- to help you build the perfect pitch deck for your company. Create an account to do it yourself or if you need, we can help you create the perfect pitch deck.

Our format

Show value your company provides customers within one short and sweet sentence. Some entrepreneurs tend to use in their statement comparisons to other well-known companies such as Uber or Netflix. It may work, but make sure that your company is similar to the referring company.

Here you need to hook on your potential investors. Answer what problem you are trying to solve. The best way to describe the problem is to create a story. Make it as real as possible to engage investors and heighten their interest and understanding of your business and your goals.

Try to describe your ideal customer and market share that you want to occupy. You may think that showing your ability to capture a large market niche increases chances to get investment. In fact, it’s better to implicate that you have a very specific and reachable market to sound more realistic.

Now, when we’ve managed to describe the problem your target audience faces, you are free to talk about how you are going to solve it. Here you should be careful: surely, you can talk about your product on and on, but try to keep a focus on customers and how the product actually solves the problem and brings value to them.

Talk about a current outlook for the market sector. What companies occupy it and how they solve the problem. Even if your startup opens doors to an entirely new market, there are competitors too. It’s likely that your potential customers somehow solve their problem today. Describe how your startup will fit the market, who are its players and how they solve the problem.

The key here is to show that your software startup is unique. So, talk about what makes it special. Touch upon key features or about a “secret sauce” that other companies don’t have.

Show the people behind your idea. Mention some of your team members, focusing on their accomplishments, successes at other companies, and expertise that they bring to your company. Even though your company still lacks somebody, highlight the positions you need to fill and why it is critical to company growth.

If you already have customers, talk about them here. The best way to prove your startup potential. It increases your credibility and reduces risks for investors. If you don’t have customers, touch upon your startup milestones. Speak about what you’ve achieved and what your goals are.

What makes your product/service special? Find the way to show your audience how it works and what value it brings. Prototype or screenshots are good things to be attached to this section.

Revenue Model
Now, when you’ve told about the problem and solution, it’s high time to mention how you will make money.

So, after all advantages and opportunities were mentioned, it’s high time to ask for money. Show how you are going to use investments, how much money you do need and why you need this exact number. Investors are people too, and they need to know how much money to give and how they will help you to achieve your goals.

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Slides uses AI to build you the perfect pitch deck! Slides breaks down the process of deck building into 12 streamlined steps that each correlate with a slide in your deck. You get started by choosing your category; Slides finds relevant images, which you can curate to form the basis of your design. You can then customize the slides fully with your unique content, making it personalized for your startup! To make the process of sharing your deck more efficient, we provide an easy link you can forward along. Every time someone clicks the link, we fire up our tracking engine to let you know who opened your deck, and what they looked at (and for how long!). We hope this data gives entrepreneurs more insight into what questions to expect and the ability to craft a better follow-up with investors.
Absolutely! Beyond allowing you to create a rockstar pitch deck, Slides allows you to share it with an easy link. We'll handle tracking so you know who clicked your link, what they looked at, and for how long.
While we recommend a landing page for your startup, you don't need anything extra for your deck. Slides will host your deck and manage tracking and links, always serving the most updated version of your deck. Sit back, relax, and let Slides sweat the small stuff!
Slides saves your slides in a web format with its viewer so that your deck can be viewed automatically on any device through your link! We recommend sharing directly via link as this allows you to collect analytics and track visitors.
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