Slide.ai is the fastest and most straightforward way to create beautiful pitch decks that are easy to customize, share. Let us tell you about some of our favorite features.

Viewable Everywhere View pitch decks on any device, desktop or mobile. Use arrow keys, mouse or swipe to change slides.

Private Decks You can choose to make your pitch deck public or private. Private decks require users to enter their email address to access the deck.

Animation Rich animations bring your presentation to life. Easily adjust transitions and animate slide contents.

Media Library Select from hundreds of thousands of high quality unsplash photos to use in your presentation.

Analytics Learn how your content is performing and where traffic is coming from.

Cloud Based The Slides editor is available in your browser. There are no download nessessary. All of your work is stored securely on our servers.

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Frequently asked questions

Slides uses AI to build you the perfect pitch deck! Slides breaks down the process of deck building into 12 streamlined steps that each correlate with a slide in your deck. You get started by choosing your category; Slides finds relevant images, which you can curate to form the basis of your design. You can then customize the slides fully with your unique content, making it personalized for your startup! To make the process of sharing your deck more efficient, we provide an easy link you can forward along. Every time someone clicks the link, we fire up our tracking engine to let you know who opened your deck, and what they looked at (and for how long!). We hope this data gives entrepreneurs more insight into what questions to expect and the ability to craft a better follow-up with investors.
Absolutely! Beyond allowing you to create a rockstar pitch deck, Slides allows you to share it with an easy link. We'll handle tracking so you know who clicked your link, what they looked at, and for how long.
While we recommend a landing page for your startup, you don't need anything extra for your deck. Slides will host your deck and manage tracking and links, always serving the most updated version of your deck. Sit back, relax, and let Slides sweat the small stuff!
Slides saves your slides in a web format with its viewer so that your deck can be viewed automatically on any device through your link! We recommend sharing directly via link as this allows you to collect analytics and track visitors.
Of course! If you're on a paid plan feel free to contact support directly. Email team@slidesai.co.

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